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What gives muscles the energy to do their work and also prevents muscle damage?
  1. Magnesium,
  2. Organic Diet,
  3. Love, Positive thoughts, Forgiveness,
  4. Exercise.
  5. It is all about balance with the most important one Emotion health. Emotions plays about 90 percent roll in the physical health of the heart. the other 10 percent has do with training and diet. 

Your connection to God is within your heart.

Guided meditations will help you to increase the love you have within yourself.  Love is more than an emotional. It is an energy that nourishes and heals your body, emotions and mind.Awaken Your Heart
Discover the endless source of happiness you have within yourself.  Effortlessly travel into your deepest spiritual center to realize the love that God has for you.  Experience inner peace, a quieter mind and profound joy in this meditation.
Blessings of Love
Open your heart and give powerful, healing Love to your entire physical body.  Increase the frequencies of health in your cells by sending love to all glands, organs and tissue. Express love into this world to balance and heal our planet.
Emotional Bliss
Fill your body with blissful love energy to align, balance and purify your emotions.  Connect all of your chakras to the deepest energy center within you: your Spiritual Heart.  Remove lesser emotions with the greatest energy in creation: Love.
Inner Light
Awaken your mind to the inner light of your spiritual self.  Journey deep within yourself in this meditation.  Extend your spiritual light into every cell of your body, increasing your spiritual awareness and self-mastery.
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Music that Enhances Emotional Balance and Mental Clarity

Numerous studies have shown that music affects emotions and mood states and can also modify physiological responses. Music designed to facilitate mental and emotional balance can produce significant increases in positive moods, vigor and mental clarity and decreases in tension, burnout and negative moods.

Today,  we know a great deal more about the heart:

  • The heart sends us emotional and intuitive signals to help govern our lives.
  • The heart directs and aligns many systems in the body so that they can function in harmony with one another.
  • The heart is in constant communication with the brain. The heart’s intrinsic brain and nervous system relay information back to the brain in the cranium, creating a two-way communication system between heart and brain.
  • The heart makes many of its own decisions.
  • The heart starts beating in the unborn fetus before the brain has been formed, a process scientists call autorhythmic.
  • Humans form an emotional brain long before a rational one, and a beating heart before either.
  • The heart has its own independent complex nervous system known as "the brain in the heart."
  • The Heart is where the Soul resides and resonates

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