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Through out Healer Omar Botha's career people were and are very please and happy with his and other Healers treatments and results and it speaks through all the testimonials here under.


Dear Omar,

As you know, I have been struggling for more than 23 years to recover from the syndrome known as 'Lyme Disease'.

The healing you did on me recently has had a very noticeable effect on me. My energy levels are increasing daily, and I am able to manage a full day without the rests I needed previously. My memory is improving, and the dull ache I had in my brain together with brain-fog is noticeably less. I am sleeping better and wake up stronger and more energised. The impact of your healing is making a huge different in my ability to live my life, and I am beyond grateful to you for your assistance.

My warmest love to you.


Lost and Found Husband


Never did I think that a total stranger would have such insight and be able to answer so much for me, even though the world around me doesn't seem to think anything is answered. I don't want to know why this is happening, I just want to leave it behind and let it all go, I will then move forward. Thank you for being there and being calm, collected and still putting me firmly in my place and making me see things as they are, they don't seem to be more than they are, they just are. I know in time I will get my answers (just wish patience was one of my strong points!) and they will come.
I need to learn to be me and not the person I have become because of circumstance and of course I have played a big part in allowing myself to become this person I don't think I know entirely. Anger, bitterness and unhappiness have been eating me alive inside, but I won't let it continue.
I am eternally grateful to you, not because of your ability to see Alex, but because of what you have done for me. I will probably need to come and see you again sometime, I will have to see, maybe when I start to feel hysterical and out of control again, maybe just to talk'
Thank you, I can't seem to think of more to say even though there should be.

You are one in a million.

"I used to be very anxious in life. Smoking as much as I could, when I had the time on my hands. I have been to many people just to help me to stop smoking. Nothing helped. I then went to Omar Botha for an hour healing session and felt really good walking out of his Healing Centre. He gave me one simple exercise to do that helped me cope and the very next day I was down from 30 a day to only 3 cigarettes. Now I smoke because I enjoy the 2 or 3 cigarettes a day and I do not feel anxiousness anymore."


"Just wanted to let you know that the Reiki treatment was awesome. I was so stressed out before having it & felt about 20 years younger afterwards just due to the much lower level of stress. It honestly helped me in many ways. I will definitely be back for further treatments."


Just a note to thank Kevin for the Pellowah treatment. It was worthwhile as I received a significant message from my guides that I had been blocking. I am more open and ready to communicate/receive from the divine and I realised that a very deep state of meditation can be reached, deeper than I have ever experienced before. Thank you, Kevin.


Extremely scary because I don't trust people and to hear somebody talk to me as if he was in my life is scary, but everything that he said made me calm and feel safe. 100% better than a shrink!!!

Ursula Kitching


Omar you are a 100 times better than any Psychologist and Doctor I have been to in my life. I had 3 different types of Cancer and you healed me. You showed me why the cancer manifested in my body...  Thank you!!!

Eric Lockhart


Wonderful – Feeling strong and positive. Ready to walk table mountain

Own Business

Wonderful experience! Informative, relaxing, and worth it!

Brand manager
Big Bay

Fabulous - Rejuvanating - Healing

Closel Enerprises

Brilliant, A good feeling and very relaxed. Received some good feedback on how I need to relax and act towards mormal aspects in life

Cconsulting Manager