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Body Work:

Reflexology - 1 to 1.5 hours

A therapeutic treatment where the reflexes of all the organs of the body are stimulated by pressure applied to the feet, restoring balance and a sense of well-being. This treatment is administered in three parts, first a 10-minute soak to relax and refresh the feet, second the 40-minute therapeutic application of pressure to the reflexes on the feet and finishing with a 10 to 30-minute foot massage with the highest-grade aromatherapy oils selected especially for you.

Experience the refreshing feeling of rejuvenation that comes with feet that feel brand new!


Stress-Relieving Hand and Foot Massage - 1 hour

Massage that is focused on releasing tension stored in the hands and feet using the highest-grade aromatherapy oils selected especially for you. Be surprised by the stress of your usual routine just melt away, leaving you feeling relaxed and peaceful.

Back and Neck Massage - 1 hour

Stress loves to take hold of the muscles in the neck and back. Let this massage help you to gain maximum relaxation during your few days away, by having the knots and tension worked away.

Energy Work:

Meridian Therapy - 1 hour

If you have a specific ailment, a combination of Acutouch and laying-of-hands can bring relief. This treatment is based on the theory that all ailments are a result of energy that is trapped along the energy pathways of the body called 'meridians'. The Acutouch pointer is a non-invasive tool that is applied to the relevant acupuncture points along the blocked meridian, transferring far infrared rays and anions via an electromagnetic field. The laying-of-hands transfers healing energy to amplify the results of the treatment.  


Reiki is basically the channelling of a high vibrational energy using the Reiki symbols etc. Basically, a treatment would involve a discussion re the issues facing the client, then the client lies down on the treatment bed (no you don't take your clothes off) and the practitioner will then place their hands on specific areas of the body to channel the Reiki energy into the different energy centres etc., The practitioner may adjust and change the treatment process as they see fit and may use additional hand positions for specific areas or ailments as they chose. 

A treatment may also involve the removal of negative energy blockages and sealing the aura if the aura has been damaged by anaesthetic or other means.  The practitioner may also balance and align the chakras and may need to do some counselling and make suggestions as to further treatment, meditation practices etc. It does not replace conventional medicine and should be used as a complementary treatment to enhance the positive effects and reduce the negative effects of say chemo or other invasive treatments. 

A practitioner may also treat a client from a distance, or send the energy forward or backward in "time" to assist the client or themselves in specific situations etc.  As with all spiritual healing practices it should not be forced on anyone and should only be provided on request. The energy may be beamed to, for example, an accident site to be available if anyone needs it, but should never impede or influence the client's free will. The decision/choice to heal themselves is just as, if not more important, than the actual channelling and healing process.

Pellowah Treatments

Pellowah is an "angelic" word meaning "radical shift in consciousness"   It unblocks and realigns all the meridians in the body giving a feeling of connectedness and well-being and It connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation.  In simpler terms the treatment is like a new house with 12 rooms.  Currently science has discovered the first two strands of DNA (i.e. only two of the rooms are connected and ready to go). Pellowah acts like the electrician that does the wiring for all 12 rooms for you (the connection of the 12 strands of DNA).  Once this connection has been made it is up to you to find the light switches and turn the lights on - eventually, through your own efforts, all the lights will be on and you will have access to everything in the house. 

The effects of Pellowah last indefinitely and may even get stronger.

Pellowah is totally client focussed and the practitioner may not "diagnose" or interpret on behalf of the client - it instigates a "conversation" directly between the client and the Source of All.  It is the client's path and theirs alone.

The number of treatments varies from client to client but averages at around 3 - 4 but are totally at the client’s discretion and the practitioner may not suggest or insist on follow-ups.



Here are just a few different things that we focus on in counselling sessions:

  • General counselling.
  • Marriage counselling.
  • Family counselling.
  • Sex Counselling.
  • Child counselling.

What is counselling?

Something or someone that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action

In a counselling session, general healing will be applied. One of the best forms of healing is to talk to someone that will listen and see you as a unique individual with all one's qualities and hurdles in life.

An Alignment of the 4 different bodies will be done as well.


Dream Analysis & Sub Conscious thoughts

If you had a dream that you can remember and want it analysed. We can help you with your dream analysis

These dreams may come from your subconscious mind or information sent to you by your guides. Write down the dream as soon as you wake up. It does not matter how bizarre or weird it may seem, do not try and analyse or interpret it. Just write it down as seen in the dream

Bring that to us and we will interpret it for you in a form that you will understand and that will give you peace of mind.

Hands on Healing

This healing energy is channelled from God the Almighty One through a chain of angelic beings to the healer and transformed into healing energy for the client.

Every session is opened with a prayer to God / The Almighty One / Our Creator to protect and guide us in the healing session and to send His healing light through me (the healer) to the client.
There’s no more powerful source in all of creation, in all the universe and beyond, than the Almighty One.

The healer’s hands are then placed over the person while seated in one of our healing chairs and the session can take between 10-15 min.
A full analysis of mind, body, soul and emotions will be given after the healing session.


Revitalize body and mind with an hour of reflexology, an ancient treatment that brings the body back into balance by stimulating the reflexes on the feet. This treatment is extremely effective for toxin removal and getting rid of that sluggish feeling. Also, great for stress management and sleeping problems in fact any ailment that makes you feel less than healthy. After just one treatment you’ll notice how different you feel! Reflexology is very suitable for children they get stressed-out too!


Most of us have our sports or hobbies that we play or practice in life, whether it is for fun or to making a living from it.

Sport is relaxing and stimulates the mind and body.

Questions that are asked daily

1) How important is it to prepare yourself mentally for the game or sport that you are playing?

2) Why are some people more prone to injuries than others?

3) Why does one perform well in one game and terrible in another?

4) Why do we put up psychological barriers to success?

5) What is emotional control?

6} What is the relationship of your subconscious thoughts to achieving your goals?

These are just a few questions that we can help you with to reach your goal

Our meditation and mind techniques are focused on the following sports like Rugby, Golf, Athletics, Motor Sport and Running just to name a few.



Soulcare Natural Healing Courses

SoulCare is a governing body in the Holistic Healing Field. We at Soulcare have put together healing programs with certification for the applicant. If you have or think you can heal, counsel, feel people’s pains, have pre-cognition or have experienced anything in that regard and would like to learn more. Then this course is for you.

Become a Soulcare Accredited Natural / Holistic Healer in South Africa.

The courses will take Place at Sandton & Cape Town


Charka Course and Accreditation

Holistic Massage for Physiotherapists, Sport Management and equivalent degrees

Hands on Healing Accreditation

Day Course about Guides & Angles

Meditation Course
Learn how to meditate and bring love and abundance into your life.

We have a list of different Healing modalities that would interest you.
Courses are done by Omar Botha Spiritual Healer, Soul Master & Clairvoyant

Finding Lost & Kidnapped Kids

How do I go about doing this?

I normally need an item of the lost person or anything related to the person, to go to work with. I work hand in hand with my guides and with the power of The Almighty One my Creator.

This is done through Prayer and Meditation connecting with my higher self and The Almighty One. Messages, visions thoughts, feelings are carried over to me in this meditation. This is interpreted and given to the client.

Murder Scenes, Rape and molesting cases - Will only be able to assist police in these cases with information.