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Root Canals

Conventional and alternative medical communities often blame root canals for countless mystery symptoms and illnesses people are experiencing. In truth, root canals are not to blame. Viruses, heavy metals, chemical exposure, MSG exposure, aspartame exposure, mold exposure— these agitators are the real reasons for symptoms and mystery illnesses. Root canals do have their issues, but when a cavity is at an advanced stage you either have to remove the tooth completely, or undergo a root canal procedure. Root canals can age, wear down and sometimes small amounts of bacteria can accumulate, but these tiny amounts of bacteria are not causing the major health issues people are experiencing. If you do have a severely infected root canal and abscessed tooth or gum, then removing the tooth could be a wise choice, otherwise leaving your teeth as is might be the best option.

Sometimes people get their root canals, and even perfectly normal teeth removed, because of jaw pain. In most cases, the jaw pain and trigeminal nerve pain remains even after the removal. That’s because the pain is not connected to teeth issues, but is caused one of the many varieties of the shingles virus. I discuss the issues this virus causes inthe book Medical Medium.

Instead of getting a root canal, another option is an implant. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to implants, and a root canal surgery still might be the better choice. Although the titanium used in implants is typically not as toxic for the body as other metals, some people are still very sensitive and can’t handle the interaction well. That’s why I would usually suggest choosing a root canal over an implant.

Instead of opting for a root canal or implant, some people choose to play it safe and just have the teeth removed. Living without several teeth is an option that can work best for some people.


Our View on Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment for removing an infection from within a tooth without losing the tooth. Teeth are mostly solid, but each contains a narrow, hollow channel in its root. This space, or ‘canal’, is filled with ‘dental pulp’, a mass of very fine nerve fibers and very small blood vessels which are attached to larger nerves and larger blood vessels through a small opening at the end of the root.

If germs from tooth decay work their way into the pulp, it gets infected. In most areas of our body, when we have an infection, the area swells up. This is one way that our immune system has of bringing more germ-fighting cells into an area. Unfortunately in the case of an infected tooth, the dental pulp cannot swell as it is surrounded by the rigid walls of the tooth. When the body tries to fight a tooth infection by bringing germ-fighting cells through the opening at the end of the root, the pulp swells against the walls of the canal space causing great pain and ultimately, this swelling strangles off the tooth’s own blood supply. Once this happens, the dental pulp dies, and germs begin to multiply by feeding off of this dead tissue.

Once this situation occurs, the only courses of action are either extraction of the tooth or root canal therapy. There is no treatment, either mainstream or alternative, including homeopathy that can restore health in this situation unless the tooth is either extracted or treated with root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy involves opening up the biting surface of a tooth and channeling down to the hollow space where the dental pulp is. Once this is accessed, instruments and cleaning solutions are used to remove the infected pulp, disinfect the tooth material, and shape the canal spaces so that they may be properly filled and sealed.

Mouth Hygiene

Health Hygiene
The use of mouthwashes that contain alcohol as an ingredient can drastically increase a person's risk of cancers of the mouth, head and neck, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Australia's University of Melbourne and University of Queensland School of Dentistry. 

Natural Herbal Oral Rinse

The PUREFRESH Herbal Oral Rinse can be used to support and intensify the therapeutic benefits of the PUREFRESH Herbal Toothpaste as well as thoroughly cleaning the tongue and in between the teeth. It can also be used to counter the first signs of a cold.

Colloidal Silver

Professor Mariana Henriques and her colleagues from the University of Minho in Portugal evaluated the effects of a silver nanoparticle solution on oral thrush, dental stomatitis, and various other mouth infections caused by the two aforementioned strains of yeast. They came to the conclusion that, in all cases, the silver solution was effective at combating these infection-causing yeast strains, even when the size of the silver particles used varied dramatically.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can clean your teeth, clear your complexion and act as a natural antacid. Baking soda is also effective for polishing teeth (without scratching the tooth surface) and fighting bad breath (sprinkle a little on the toothbrush bristles)
Cloves are known for their ability to relieve a toothache. Clove oil is very potent and should be diluted before using it on your baby. It can be diluted in a carrier oil such as olive oil and then rubbed on the gum. Hazelwood has the medicinal property of neutralizing the body's acidity, relieving ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, teething, skin problems 
Healing Supplements

Spirulina is an incredible supplement that will help pull heavy metals like mercury out of the intestinal tract, while also remineralizing teeth and gums. It will not pull mercury out of any silver fillings you might have, it will only draw out the mercury that’s been creating havoc in your system for years.