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Marula large transparent Marula oil has been used for millennia to enrich, moisturize and revitalize dry skin and hair. Featured in Elle UK Magazine's Beauty Awards as one of the "best buys that will change your life," Marula oil fortifies and enhances the skin's natural barrier. It prevents trans-epidermal water loss and prevents drying, while penetrating to heal damaged skin. It absorbs quickly, rinses away easily and is mild enough to use around the eyes. Apply the oil to skin, hair or nails for exceptional moisturizing and amazing anti-oxidant support. Additionally, Marula oil has a high oxidative stability - nearly five times that of olive oil - making it suitable for an extended self life.

Marula Fruit - Source of Marula Oil

Marula oil is a great ingredient in hair care products. A high concentration of oleic acid, the short chain length, and other chemical features make this oil capable of traversing the hair cuticle and penetrating the hair shaft. Marula's high levels of oleic acid greatly benefit the skin because this acid is the most abundant fatty acid in the fat cells that are a vital component of component of healthy skin. The high presence of oleic acid can easily be saponified in its salt form and used for hair cleansing applications. In addition, applied as is, marula helps replace the oils striped from the skin and hair from cleaning.

Marula Fruit - Source of Marula Oil

Marula functions as a supplemental oil that can be used in combination with other basic carrier oils to increase active delivery to the skin. The light color and minimal scent allow marula to be used at levels needed for benefit (2%-6%) while maintaining aesthetic appeal in odor and color. The remarkable oxidative stability of this oil allows it to be milder on the skin and well suited for applications important to maintain eye mildness. Great for rinse-off products. Used neat, marula provides exceptional moisturizing by penetrating quickly as dry oil and then creating a dry film to prevent trans-epidermal water loss. It can safely be used around eyes and on a child's sensitive skin. 
Marula Oil: For skin, hair, as a bath oil, and carrier oil for aromatherapies.