Incredible Health Benefits of Hemp Oil


The chromosomes that hold your DNA are bound by structures called telomeres. During cell division, telomeres shorten and signal a stop in cellular growth called cellular senescence, which can lead to aging and illness. T cells, which are part of the immune system, activate the enzyme telomerase. This enzyme fixes and extends the telomeres, helping the life of the cell. Extracts from astragalus root have been shown to activate telomerase activity in human T cells, resulting in healthier cell longevity and function.

Aside from activating the telomerase enzyme, astragalus slows the aging process by protecting mitochondria. By reducing or eliminating harmful free radicals from cells, damage may be reduced or reversed, slowing the aging process. Many anti-aging beauty creams are formulated with astragalus root.


Whether it's because of a poor diet, lack of sleep, environmental toxins, or even emotional or physical challenges, everyone experiences stress from time to time. Whenever you get "stressed-out," a systemic change happens in your body from the release of stress hormones. This change leads to a weaker immune system and an imbalance in your gut flora. Astragalus root, being an adaptogen, can help the body normalize itself or "adapt" to different types of stress or physical changes. Studies show that astragalus root reduces the effects of stress by encouraging balanced levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Heart Health

Your heart is the motor that pumps nutrient-rich blood throughout your body to supply your organs and keep them in working condition. This vital organ can become unhealthy and develop issues when exposed to certain toxins or illnesses.

The rise in unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles in Western cultures has led to a greater incidence of heart conditions. Studies on cardiovascular health have increased as well, with growing attention to traditional Chinese medicine. Much of this research is focused on astragalus root and its benefits for heart health. Studies suggest that its cardioprotective nutrients, namely the flavonoids and polysaccharides, support artery health and the immune system. Clinical trials showed a marked difference when patients with heart conditions were given astragalus root extract.

Blood Vessel Health

Damaged arteries are often the result of high blood pressure. A buildup of plaque that contains fat, cholesterol, and calcium can severely affect cardiovascular health. Over time, plaque can cause calcification, which hardens the arteries and makes it difficult for blood to flow correctly. The buildup of plaque also narrows the arteries and eventually causes the blockage that leads to serious health issues. The soothing qualities of astragalus root help break down arterial plaque and encourage balanced cholesterol levels.

Blood Glucose Health

Glucose is the sugar in your blood that distributes energy to the cells in your body. Your pancreas makes insulin, a hormone that helps glucose enter cells. Sometimes, certain cells in your body resist the effects of insulin, a condition called "insulin resistance." As a result, the pancreas produces more insulin until, eventually, it has a hard time producing more of this important hormone. With little to no insulin being made, your glucose is unable to enter cells and starts to accumulate in your body. This process can lead to health issues such as Type 2 diabetes. Preliminary research suggests that astragalus root encourages normal blood sugar levels and insulin regulation.

Kidney Health

Your kidneys filter water and waste from the blood to be expelled in urine. Your kidneys also keep your body’s minerals and salts in balance and produce hormones that make red blood cells. Health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure can damage the kidneys. Performing a kidney cleanse is a great way to support normal kidney health. Some research shows that astragalus root extract may help increase hemoglobin in red blood cells and decrease protein in the urine. More research is required, but studies suggest that astragalus root provides nutrients that support normal kidney function.

Liver Health

The liver detoxifies blood and helps get rid of cellular debris and old, worn-out blood cells. When the liver accumulates toxins or becomes damaged, it affects your immune system and makes it difficult for your body to perform its most basic detoxification functions. A liver cleanse is a good approach to supporting normal liver health. Astragalus root can be a helpful supplement during a cleanse because its natural, immune-boosting qualities may help detox and protect the liver.[

Astragalus is an essential herb for your immune system and is well known to help fight viral & bacteria infections, inflammation, and even cancer. It quickly and effectively strengthens the immune system and increases white blood count which makes it highly beneficial for warding off and reducing the effects of colds, flu, respiratory ailments, herpes, shingles, and immune system disorders. 

Astragalus is also excellent at promoting circulation and helping to reduce chest pains, lower high blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular problems such as arrhythmia and heart disease. Astragalus is great for managing diabetes and helping to lower blood sugar. It is highly beneficial for the liver and kidneys and has been shown to help those suffering from hepatitis, chronic nephritis, jaundice, and renal disease. To find out the truth about how these conditions develop and how to support the liver in my book, Liver Rescue.

It can also help to lower stomach acidity which helps those suffering from ulcers and indigestion. It helps to prevent fats from being absorbed from the intestines which promotes healthy waste elimination. Astragalus has also been found to help boost metabolism and increase energy and endurance levels which ultimately can lead to substantial weight loss. 

Astragalus works well with conventional treatments and has even shown to be an effective complement to those undergoing chemotherapy and HIV/AIDS treatments. It has long been used as an anti-aging and longevity tonic that enhances all the systems of the body and promotes overall health and balance. Astragalus is commonly found online or at your local health food store in tincture, extract, capsule, or tea form.

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